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Welcome to Eliossive Solar Light Malaysia

In simple term, solar light is any luminance fixtures that were powered by the Sun. Giving potential saving on electric bill, underground cabling and high maintenance electric generator.

The basic structure of a solar light system consist of

  1. Solar panel - converts the Sun’s UV ray into electricity during the day.
  2. Battery - store the electric generated by the solar panel for night time usage.
  3. LED fixture – emit light using the power stored in the battery.

Eliossive incorporated such technology into many outdoor lighting applications in particular:

-Solar Garden Light which are perfect for landscape/garden with its soothing and ambient luminance.

-Solar Street Light which could replace conventional street light by eliminating the need for underground cabling and electricity from the grid; a truly self-sustainable system.

-Solar Flood Light; a high intensity spot light with wider angle of luminance. No need for petrol electric generator, no need for any kind of external electric source, the Sun gives all the power that it needs.

Eliossive Sdn. Bhd. is a solar light provider in Malaysia with its footprint on many solar outdoor lighting supporting various industries such as traffic warning signal light, garden and landscape lighting and many other solar LED light products.

Let’s change the way your night were lidded.