About Us

Based in Malaysia, Eliossive.com is wholly own by Eliossive Sdn. Bhd. specializing in both Solar lighting Product and turnkey Solar System Solution. Our vast service encompasses many solar sectors i.e. Solar Street Light, Solar Billboard Lighting, On/Off-Grid Solar System and Solar Traffic Management Equipment for our country MRT project, Eliossive had become an established solar power provider in this country.

Welcome to Eliossive Solar Lighting Malaysia

Here at Eliossive, we pride ourselves with our products. Our solar lights are made of high quality materials to ensure that our customers get the best out of all our products.

Eliossive offer many solar system solutions giving potential saving on electric bill, underground cabling and high maintenance electric generator.

  1. Solar Garden Light which are perfect for landscape/garden with its soothing and ambient luminance.
  2. Solar Street Light which could replace conventional street light by eliminating the need for underground cabling and electricity from the grid; a truly self-sustainable system.
  3. Solar Flood Light; A high intensity spot light with wider angle of luminance. No need for petrol electric generator, no need for any kind of external electric source, the Sun gives all the power that it needs.
  4. Solar Traffic Management Light provide safety to road work while eliminating the need to manually recharge their equipment.
  5. On/Off Grid PV System enable user to harness the energy of Sun to support their day to day electric consumption.

Eliossive is not just a solar light provider but also offer large range of PV System in Malaysia. We have our footprint on many other solar power solutions supporting various industries.

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